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If an individual claiming to be a Doctors Without Borders staff member reaches out to you through social media or other websites asking for money or other forms of assistance, it is most likely an act of attempted fraud. For the security of our staff, we cannot publicly confirm whether an individual is employed with us. However, we would like you to know that we would never ask individual staff members to personally solicit funds for medical procedures on behalf of our patients. Our organization pays for all travel, room, and board for our staff abroad. We also do not send payroll or stipend checks in US dollars to our aid workers overseas. Staff do not depend on outside assistance. If you are interested in supporting Doctors Without Borders, one of the safest and easiest ways to donate is through a secure form on our website. We rely on our network of supporters to tell the stories of the people we help.

A warning: Online scams involving Doctors Without Borders

Vanessa Romo. Adrian Florido. Puerto Rico Gov. Fury over the government’s mishandling of disaster aid following a spate of devastating earthquakes earlier this month, coupled with the recent discovery of unused supplies — some dating back to Hurricane Maria — is driving frustrated demonstrators to the gates of the governor’s mansion.

Fed up with what they say is rampant corruption, they are demanding the resignation of Gov.

Trends in the New Zealand aid programme staffing numbers. documents pre-​dating the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness show that New Zealand.

The emphasis changes slightly year on year, but the overall picture for attacks on aid workers remains persistently, and unacceptably, high. In , aid workers were killed while doing their jobs. Another aid workers were kidnapped or injured in serious attacks. This fits an ongoing pattern: over the past decade, close to aid workers have been affected by serious violence every year. In we saw a 30 per cent increase in fatalities from , reflecting a heightened lethality in the style of attacks.

National staff and organizations take the brunt of the attacks each year, but that share grew even larger. But these countries are where local populations, sometimes besieged by warring parties, desperately need emergency assistance. Nigeria also climbed into the top five countries in for the first time. The tactics used by warring parties reflect the broader conflict dynamics in each setting.

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While a ceasefire in the key Yemeni port city of Hodeidah is holding, faster progress is needed to fully implement the Stockholm Agreement between the Government and the Houthi militia, the Security Council heard today, as briefers warned of the risks of the country being dragged into a regional conflict and a deterioration of a humanitarian crisis that is already the worst in the world. The militia, also known as Ansar Allah, has also delayed a United Nations assessment of a decaying oil tanker that threatens to spill 1.

He said he was assured this morning that an agreement with Ansar Allah authorities is within reach. We cannot give up. In the ensuing debate, delegates urged the parties to swiftly implement the Stockholm Agreement in full, thus paving the way for a political process to end a conflict dating back to The representative of the United Kingdom, the main sponsor of Council resolutions on Yemen, proposed that the member body meet in private to discuss concrete answers to the current situation in Yemen, which risks a perfect storm.

Emerging trends in humanitarian aid—particularly around unconditional cash programming, impartial they are wildly inconsistent, most dating back to the mid-.

They were exciting times. I was about to move back to Europe to finally live with my girlfriend after five years in the field and almost two years of long distance. I also seemed to be very close to a job offer. After three rounds of challenging interviews including a presentation on a topic nobody seemed to have researched before and an automated interview where I had the unpleasant task of talking to myself on a screen for about an hour, I received the hope-inducing email requesting contacts for my referees.

In the next couple of days I started hearing from my referees, making jokes about whether I was being interviewed for a CEO job as the reference process seemed to be as complex as the interviews. And then, one morning, I got an email that made my heart sink and flare up with rage all at the same time. Clearly, in the long list of questions they had sent to all of the referees, they had forgotten to include one: Who does Martina like to sleep with?

If so, how had they reacted? Where to start? Within seconds of reading the email I had already contemplated yelling, throwing my laptop out of the window, crying, curling up in a ball, calling a lawyer and changing careers completely. Here was someone I worked with closely for two years. Someone I had enormous respect for and who had a significant influence on my life and career path. Someone who actually reached out to me when I got together with my girlfriend to say that she was so very happy I had found love.

Have aid workers mastered the long-distance relationship?

Finding love is an eternal dilemma. In the ever-changing arena of humanitarian aid you lead a life less ordinary. To find — or hold on — to love can be a challenge.

This study explores how humility is contextualized in the culture of faith-based humanitarian aid leadership. Consensual Qualitative Research was used to.

ReliefWeb is the largest humanitarian information portal in the world. Founded in , the portal now hosts more than , humanitarian situation reports, press releases, evaluations, guidelines, assessments, maps and infographics. It provides information as humanitarian crises unfold, while emphasizing the coverage of “forgotten emergencies” at the same time.

Its official launch was also the launch of the UN ‘s first disaster website. The closing of the Geneva and Kobe offices were due to the higher costs associated with these locations. ReliefWeb has seen steady growth in usage. In the same year, the website published more than 57, reports and maps, 39, jobs in the humanitarian sector, and 2, training opportunities. A first major re-design effort was started in and completed in , which focused on implementing a more user-centric information architecture.

In , ReliefWeb began to expand its focus to become the one-stop shop for critical information on global crises and disasters. ReliefWeb disseminates humanitarian information by updating its website around the clock.

Christian humanitarian aid

We use cookies to give you a better experience. Discover the history of humanitarian aid and the principles and values that underpin it. Introduction to Humanitarian Aid. Earthquake, flood, fire, famine and conflict — we seem to be hearing more about these things every day, and watching as they impact communities all over the world.

Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) dating to January where a UN more than 12, humanitarian workers are deployed in the region to bring.

Christian humanitarian aid is work performed by Christian non-governmental organizations NGOs to alleviate the suffering of people around the world. Charity is a concept of great importance in Christianity. Humanitarian aid occurs in areas where some churches donate financial resources and get involved in order to show compassion. The modern concept of Christian humanitarian aid is based on teachings from the Bible. In the New Testament , Jesus taught much about the subject of charity.

In the Sermon on the Mount , he called for people to help not only friends but also enemies, [3] as well as those rejected by society, such as people with disabilities. Dating back as early as the Middle Ages , Catholic monasteries and monastic orders have a long tradition of providing charity, asylum, and assistance to the poor. Missionary societies of the 18th and 19th centuries often offered humanitarian assistance in addition to their main activity of evangelism.

In the 19th century, the first Christian non-governmental organizations NGOs began emerging. Like the humanitarian movement, Christian NGOs attracted more attention in the s.

UN Women and Rohingya women on the front line of COVID-19 response

The world in lockdown has created a profound shock to our societies and economies, and women are at the heart of care and response efforts underway. Primarily as caregivers, women are not just sustaining families, but also serving as front-line responders, mainly in the health and service sector. This heightened tension is often caused from restrictions on income generating activities needed to sustain families.

Despite these odds, Rohingya women are serving as front-line workers to protect their families and communities. One unique way they are doing this is by producing masks to fill a significant gap of personal protective equipment PPE in the market. A mother of 3 children, she fled to Bangladesh during the outbreak of armed conflict in Rakhine State, Myanmar, when her husband was killed.

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One of the drags about being an aid worker and, well, about life as we know it too! So, while this admittedly gives you a job and ensures you the basic necessities of shelter, food, water, and the clothes on your back, there are always more people without. This means a you are always ultra busy unless, that is, you are the one with your feet on your desk, chillaxing, and you actually aren’t particularly concerned by the ways of the world and b there’s not a hell of a lot of time for you or that elusive thing in the aid world: a PERSONAL LIFE!

Yes, friends, you TOO can have one! Whatever it may be that pumps blood into your veins – your partner, your child, your family, your lover, your dog, singing, playing piano, practicing yoga, running marathons, eating fistfuls of chocolate, standing on your head, reading Shakespeare, painting, sculpting, acting, swimming, learning a new language, meditating, JUST. And, be sure to do something for no one but you each and every day.

You need it. Your body and mind will thank you. If you happen to have a boss pretending to be a dictator or a drill sergeant, don’t drop to your knees and treat this crazy person like royalty. Draw the line and put yourself, your family, your partner, your dog, your whatever first. Take care of you. What’s more: You will be a far better contributor to the aid-working world if you can prove that you value your own life and happiness too. You know what this means. You’ve seen that grumpy person, chain-smoking in the back room, bitching about life as an aid worker?

UN fails for a 2nd time to agree on extending humanitarian aid to Syria

The past decade has, most notably and most appallingly, witnessed the revelation of extensive sexual violence and exploitation exacted by the aid industry on the people it purports to help. With internal inquiries dating back to and over 40 major organisations implicated, the scale of systemic abuse is astonishing, prolonged and well-known by the sector itself Ainsworth, These persisting issues are inexcusable and affect children disproportionately.

This cannot be allowed to continue. By acknowledging the most grave failures we are better enabled to address and thwart them with concrete policy change and action.

humanitarian workers can better target diverse groups and especially those (​up-to-date, crisis-specific) data and secondary (historic, contextual) data to create​.

The Embassy of Canada to Venezuela in Caracas has temporarily suspended its operations. Making international phone calls from Venezuela may be challenging. For emergency consular assistance, send an email to sos international. A consular officer will call you back without delay. Ensure that you provide a phone number where we can reach you. Canada is deeply concerned by the unprecedented political, economic and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela and the subsequent suffering of the Venezuelan people.

We remain strongly committed to the promotion and protection of democracy and human rights. Moreover, we have joined partners in the hemisphere for referring the situation in Venezuela to the International Criminal Court based on credible allegations that serious international crimes may have been committed.

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The latest tweets from the peninsula. Alicia was the territory of course! View singles by creating an account you will receive updates and comparison price.

AUC Chairperson Statement on the Occasion of the World Humanitarian Day. August 19, 19 August , Addis Ababa: The Chairperson of the African.

Gemma Houldey does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment. The common idea of the aid worker is of a selfless soul who travels far from home to an unfamiliar and challenging environment, giving up a more privileged existence in their own country.

More often than not the assumption is that the aid worker comes from the developed world, and that they are most probably white. This is more than a question of perception. Aid organisations, by and large, were established in Western nations and a good majority are still managed from offices in cities such as London, New York or Geneva, although there has been an increased commitment in recent years to decentralise to the global south.

In addition, on the back of promises made at the World Humanitarian Summit in , international NGOs are pursuing further localisation of their human resources. However, my research into stress and well-being of aid workers in Kenya suggests that the experience for local aid workers continues to be a very different prospect indeed. Interviews with more than Kenyans and expatriates working for international humanitarian, development and human rights organisations highlighted that the motivations and values associated with aid work are more complicated than is often assumed.

They are often tied to socio-economic status and living conditions.

So You Think You Want to be a Relief Worker?

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