Pranksters Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett spend most of their waking hours sorting through old VHS tapes in search of inane, embarrassing and downright bizarre video moments. Recent additions include footage from the Miss Junior America Wisconsin pageant and a home movie shot at a hose factory in nearby Windsor. Monday, Cinema Detroit. Also at 7 p. Sunday at the Michigan Theatre in Ann Arbor. Before select performances and for an additional fee , kiddies and parents can visit the stage, check out the set and even help decorate. Through Feb. It started out as a one-man play in the s, morphed into a movie in and found new life as a Broadway musical in The musical, now on tour and at the Fisher Theatre through Feb. Friday, Lexus Velodrome, Detroit.

Found Footage Festival Comes To VideOdyssey

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From a rare film featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger to tips on being a real man, the Found Footage Festival certainly does throw up some.

In a nutshell … Two guys scour garage sales and second-hand stores for discarded VHS tapes, and then edit their finds together into an annual feature-length film. My friend Laurice discovered the FFF last year. I was sorry to have missed it. I bought four tickets on the spot and left a voicemail for Laurice and her husband, Darren. Want to join us? The rest is history.

Esteban, Darren, Laurice and I spent the evening either laughing until we were hoarse or recoiling in horror. Sometimes at the same time. There were plenty of memorable moments. Oh my goodness, that petpourri…..! I was laughing with my hand over my mouth in horror! Had to stop watching in the end. Other recent posts of yours have a more serious undercurrent.

Found Footage Festival: Cherished Gems

Where else can you see a kitten playing the piano, a man wearing tubs of peanut butter for shoes, an angry motor-home salesman, or a vibrating face exercising mask? The Found Footage Festival has arrived. The room was quite full for a Tuesday night and shortly before 8pm the lights went down and the projector screen at the front of the room lit up.

THE FOUND FOOTAGE FESTIVAL, VOLUME 6 Image And again I can’t stress enough what a great date these make rather than seeing the.

Some events have been rescheduled to a later date or moved online. Please contact event coordinators directly for confirmation. Found Footage Festival. My favourite night of the year is upon us! The Found Footage Festival is returning to Toronto for two nights! What is the Found Footage Festival, you ask? Two charming and adorable curators – Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher – view hundreds of hours of VHS footage, compile the most outrageous clips into a video series, and provide witty commentary on stage.

I legit cried tears of laughter in the shower the morning after I first saw them. Join me! Adding an event to our listings is free and only takes seconds. Ricky Gervais in Toronto.

Video Dating

Stoughton natives Nick Prueher, right, and Joe Pickett salvage videos from thrift stores, garage sales and fans of their Found Footage Festival across the country. The band was there Tuesday. They salvage videos from thrift stores, garage sales and fans of the show across the country. Prueher, talking by phone from his New York City home the day before going out on tour, said he and Pickett recently got an office in Brooklyn, where they keep their collection of 10, videotapes.

We spoke to Found Footage Festival’s Nick Prueher about the July 22, , is a date that will live in infamy for pop culture geeks, film fans.

Found footage is a film subgenre in which all or a substantial part of the work is presented as if it were discovered film or video recordings. The events on screen are typically seen through the camera of one or more of the characters involved, often accompanied by their real-time , off-camera commentary. For added realism , the cinematography may be done by the actors themselves as they perform, and shaky camera work and naturalistic acting are routinely employed.

The footage may be presented as if it were ” raw ” and complete or as if it had been edited into a narrative by those who “found” it. The most common use of the technique is in horror films e. It has also been used in science-fiction e. Although found footage was originally the name of an entirely different genre, it is now frequently used to describe pseudo-documentaries crafted with this narrative technique. The film magazine Variety has, for example, used the term “faux found-footage film” to describe the film Grave Encounters 2.

Film scholar David Bordwell criticizes this recent usage, arguing that it sows confusion, and instead prefers the term “discovered footage” for the narrative gimmick. Found-footage films typically employ one or more of four cinematic techniques — first-person perspective , pseudo-documentary or mockumentary , news footage, or surveillance footage —according to an analysis of found-footage films conducted by Found Footage Critic.

The 80s version of Tinder was ‘video dating’ — and it looks incredibly awkward

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Found Footage Festival is celebration of the very worst. This year’s festival includes a montage from a dating show and a commercial.

This clip of Liz Seggen comes from a series of different how to videos the Found Footage gang uncovered at a Goodwill in Atlantic City. We offer our apologies to any I-talians who may find this ventriloquism tutorial a little offensive. Before Tinder it was really hard out there for lonely men to meet women with extremely high verbal skills who like rollerblading, bubble baths and viking costumes. This video comes from the collection of comedian David Cross.

This a classic. Host Dee Greunig really brings the magic of rainbow sponge art alive as she wiggles, twists and squeezes with pure joy and ecstasy. More practical than CrossFit, this Chippendales exercise video will get you in shape with strategic thrusting and bouncing. Buy Tickets. Video Dating Before Tinder it was really hard out there for lonely men to meet women with extremely high verbal skills who like rollerblading, bubble baths and viking costumes.

Magical Rainbow Sponge This a classic. Muscle Motion Chippendales Exercise Video More practical than CrossFit, this Chippendales exercise video will get you in shape with strategic thrusting and bouncing.

US smash hit Found Footage Festival comes to the UK with brand new show

From a rare film featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger to tips on being a real man, the Found Footage Festival certainly does throw up some unseen gems. Keegan Strandness discovers more. Longing to see Arnold Schwarzenegger at a carnival in Rio?

As the creators of the Found Footage Festival, Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett are no strangers to bad ideas. And they’d have it no other way.

Saturday is Free Comic Book Day, when comic book stores around the world give away more than 2 million free comic books. This is the ninth year for the event, which invites comics fans, vets and newbies into stores to grab a fistful of titles. Lincoln comic book store Trade-A-Tape, S. Ninth St. The shop will offer about a dozen titles for free this year, ranging from kids comics to superhero adventures to edgy graphic fiction: “Iron Man,” “Superman,” “Shrek,” “Sonic the Hedgehog,” even a Lady Gaga comic.

Two guys have traveled all over the U. They have since hosted hundreds of festivals all over. Next week, the fest will make its first visit to Nebraska. Found Footage Fest will show a whole crop of newly discovered material at p. Tuesday at Bourbon Theatre, O St. The fest will run the gamut “from the curiously produced industrial training video to the forsaken home movie donated to Goodwill. All the footage was discovered on a VHS tape.

Found Footage Festival marks 10 years of laughs and VHS finds

Ever wonder who buys those godawful videocassettes you see littered in thrift shops? Someone has to, right? Wonder no more. Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett are the culprits. Their treasure trove is kept among two storage lockers in Queens, an office in Brooklyn, and their two apartments. The Found Footage Festival is a one-evening celebration of the worst moments in schlock from years past.

The concept of The Found Footage Festival is a simple one, as Joe including some particularly unnecessary footage) and video dating ads.

What began as a way to fight boredom in their small Wisconsin town more than two decades ago has turned into a full-time comedy career for Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett. The long-time friends, now 38, started scouring second-hand stores for humorous and strange VHS finds as teens in In , they transformed the pastime into the Found Footage Festival. The Found Footage Festival proved to be so successful that it became their full-time gig five years ago.

Prueher and Pickett make money from an old form of video despite living in the digital age, but they have also used the power of YouTube to grow their popularity. A few years ago, they fooled their way onto several Midwest morning shows with a yo-yo expert called Kenny Strasser , played by their friend Mark Proksch. Videos of the appearances went viral online. The men pulled off a similar prank again this past Thanksgiving. They faked their way onto more Midwest morning shows, with Prueher playing a leftovers expert named Chef Keith Guerke.

They held off posting the video until right before their tour started in early March. For tickets and more info, click here. You must be logged in to post a comment. The message will also contain a custom footer containing links to accept the invitation or opt out of further email invitations from this site.

Comedy duo trolls for the truly vile in video at the Found Footage Festival

Go to permalink The Found Footage Festival is a fun and very strange enterprise run by Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett, who collect old videos and films and show them in various comedy clubs and movie houses. Just before, The A. Club talked to Prueher while Pickett snickered sometimes in the background about some of their secret stashes and best finds.

The A.

Highlights include a collection of strange Saturday-morning cartoons, a video-dating reel, a home movie from a heavy-metal festival.

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80s Video Dating Montage

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